Solid solutions working as expected.

Experienced consultant with focus on high quality delivered within time and budget. You are guaranteed a systematic approach where I listen carefully to your needs and proactively suggests tools, methods and solutions. 

Virtual Reality Data Explorer

Join the future of data analysis and transform the way you interact with your data.

Analysis of large data sets in immersive views allows you to find “hidden” patterns.

If you have any data you would like to fly through in VR let us know!

Data Visualization

Based on theoretical as well as practical implementation of new ways to create man-machine-interfaces we know how to present your data so the main message is perceived by the receiver.

Looking for a new charts to get your message through? Contact us today.

360 Degree Photos

Cost effective panaroma photos.

Real estate or location presentations giving the user an immersive virtual tour.

With a simple and interactive solution the users will explore much more than with a static image and at their own pace.
Click and hold left mouse button down and move the mouse to look around. Select another photo in slider below.
Touch and move to look around. Select another photo below.

Software Development

Experienced in all development phases from requirement and analysis over design and implementation to commissioning.

Embedded system and desktop applications.

C#, Python, C++ and more.

Automated Tests

A pre-requisite for continuous delivery is a well-known system tested thoroughly regularly.

Embedded systems must focus on automatic updates, hardware cabling and configuration options besides a strategy for what can be verified on a PC and what must be checked on the target platform.